What To Expect…

I was asked recently what I enjoy shooting. I answered that I love shooting weddings. “No, but what do you really enjoy photographing?” Umm, weddings. Yes, really! I love my job. I have a huge admiration for photographers who go to war zones, and put themselves at huge personal risk in order to make a change to the world…but I have no desire to do the same. I believe that my photographs DO make a difference. Not, perhaps, in the same way – but in a small, personal, and incredibly intimate and special way.

A little girl came up to me at Lora and Dan’s wedding and asked me why I was taking so many photos. I answered that I hoped that one day Lora and Dan would sit down with their children, even their grandchildren, and be able to pull out their album and tell them all about their wedding day, relive it through the photos that I was taking that day. That’s why I do this job. That’s why I love it.

I work unobtrusively, I won’t shout at your guests because we have to get group shots done – I’d prefer to use humour and remember that this day is about you, and your loved ones, having a great time. It’s not about my need to take photos. I’m not a photojournalist, but I enjoy taking reportage and candid photos. I do this by mingling with your guests, putting them at ease and chatting to them.  Guests are often surprised that I’m not a personal friend of the couple getting married, and I take that as a huge compliment to the way I work.

You’re in love. You’re laid back, you’re fun, and you’re so happy – you want to share that happiness with the people you love. You’re also a little bit quirky – not necessarily way-out-there wacky, but definitely cute and quirky. You’ve put so much thought and effort into ensuring that the day is about you, about who you are as a couple, and about your guests, about ensuring that they have a great day. Your wedding day is from your heart, it’s about love, it’s about celebration and fun. You want photos that show this, that you can look back on for years to come and relive those memories. And I can’t wait to meet you, to chat to you about your plans and to start working with you to make your plans become the best day of your lives.


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